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Tesstudio Model 3 Highland Turn signal & Gear Stalk - Classic Style Tesstudio Model 3 Highland Turn Signal & Gear Stalk - Classic Style Tesstudio Model 3 Highland Turn signal & Gear Stalk - Classic Style Tesstudio Model 3 Highland Turn signal & Gear Stalk - Classic Style Tesstudio Model 3 Highland Turn signal & Gear Stalk - Classic Style

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As a Model 3 Highland owner, are you still struggling with getting used to shifting gears through the screen? This 3 Highland Gear Shift Stalk Switch Turn Signal Lever Kit perfectly restores the original gear lever, eliminating the need for a transition period to adapt to screen-based shifting.


  • Perfectly restores the original: Our gear shift stalk switch turn signal lever kit seamlessly integrates with the original factory design, preserving the vehicle's appearance without any damage.
  • Does not interfere with screen gear selection: You can still use both the gear shift stalk switch and the screen gear selection function simultaneously for added convenience.
  • Additional horn function: Our kit includes a horn function, enhancing driving convenience.
  • Intuitive and precise: With the gear lever restored, you'll experience more intuitive and precise gear shifting, allowing for a more focused and effortless driving experience.
  • Easy installation:  We provide with installation videos, allowing you to follow along and install it quickly and seamlessly without any damage.


Return to the pure tactile feel of the original Model 3 gear shifter with Tesstudio's classic Gear Shifter Set for the Model 3 Highland. This set provides:

  1. Classic Physical Gear Shifter Layout: Restores the original Model 3 gear-shifting layout, delivering an intuitive and familiar feel.
  2. Perfect Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with the Model 3 Highland, mirroring the original Model 3 functionality for a flawless experience.
  3. Enhanced Handling: Offers precise gear shifting for accurate and smooth control, giving drivers the full, satisfying feel of classic driving.


Q1: Has the product been validated through data to ensure there are no safety issues while driving after installation?
A1: The product has been validated through data, ensuring no safety issues while driving.

Q2: Will there be any delay in using the lever's functions?
A2: There will be no delay.

Q3: Will the installation of the lever affect the use of the airbag? What should be considered when removing the airbag?
A3: The installation of the lever itself will not affect the use of the airbag. As we don't connect it to the steering wheel but to a universal diagnostic port near the center console. When removing the airbag, attention should be paid to not affecting its operation. Installation precautions are similar to those for installing a Yoke steering wheel(It is suggested looking for related instructional videos on YouTube.)

Q4: Are there concerns about Tesla potentially disabling this feature in the future through third-party plugins ensuring CANBUS communication? (What would happen if they encoded or encrypted the CANBUS protocol in a major software update?)
A4: There is a risk, but we assess it to be very low. The product is based on Tesla's protocols, which are closely related to many vehicle operations. The probability of Tesla modifying their protocols for the lever is very low. Additionally, if such a situation arises, the lever supports OTA updates via smartphone, making the risk manageable.

Q5: Will this product be affected by Tesla system upgrades?
A5: No, it won't be affected.

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