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Why you should install a Tesla Model 3/Y carbon tail?

Jun 21, 2024 Tes studio

In the world of car modification, every detail adds a unique charm and performance boost to your car. Today, let's explore why installing a Tesla 3Y carbon tail is a smart choice.


First, carbon tail fins can significantly enhance the appearance of the vehicle. The Tesla 3Y itself is a very futuristic and technological model, and the addition of a carbon fiber tail adds a sense of dynamism and passion. The unique texture and gloss of carbon fiber materials make it shine in the sun with a unique charm, making your Tesla 3Y stand out from many vehicles and become the focus of the road.


For example, when you drive a Tesla 3Y with carbon tail fins on the street, the eyes of passers-by can't help but be attracted to its stylish and unique appearance.

As shown in the following figure:

Secondly, the tail wing has an important impact on the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. The Tesla 3Y carbon tail is carefully designed to generate downforce at high speeds, increasing the vehicle's stability and handling. This means you can control the vehicle with more confidence when driving around corners, reducing the risk of rolling and skidding.


For example, when overtaking quickly on the highway or driving on winding mountain roads, the extra stability provided by the rear wing will make you feel more safe and comfortable driving experience.


In addition, carbon fiber material has excellent strength and lightweight characteristics. Compared with traditional materials, the carbon fiber tail is not only durable, but also does not add too much weight to the vehicle, which does not affect the vehicle's range and performance.


Finally, the installation of the Tesla 3Y carbon tail is also an expression of personality. It demonstrates your pursuit of car aesthetics and performance, making your car a unique presence that perfectly fits your personal style.

Product non-destructive installation without drilling. The tail wing is installed with double-sided adhesive tape special for cars. It is very firm and will not fall off!

In short, the installation of the Tesla 3Y carbon tail will not only enhance the appearance of the vehicle, but also optimize the aerodynamic performance, show personality, and bring more fun and security to your driving journey. What are you waiting for? Let your Tesla 3Y take on a whole new charm with carbon tail fins!


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