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Rev Up Your Lifestyle: The Tesla Model 3 Highland Hits the US Market

Apr 17, 2024 Tes studio

Rev Up Your Lifestyle: The Tesla Model 3 Highland Hits the US Market

Excitement is in the air as the Tesla Model 3 Highland makes its grand entrance into the U.S. market. This isn't just any car launch; it's a fresh chapter in the saga of Tesla's innovative journey, delivering a revamped version of the beloved Model 3. With Europe having enjoyed the first taste, it’s now time for American enthusiasts to get behind the wheel of this beauty.

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland debuts with a starting price of $40,630, considering the purchase price along with the destination and order fees. For those who crave a bit more, the Long Range model is beckoning, priced at $51,130. Both options promise to elevate your driving experience to new heights of elegance and efficiency.

Tesla continues to redefine what we expect from electric vehicles, and the Model 3 Highland is no exception. While retaining the iconic silhouette, the car boasts significant aesthetic updates with a sleeker front and rear design. But the changes aren't just skin deep. Step inside, and you’ll find a cabin redefined by minimalism. The conventional turn signal and shifter stalks have vanished, replaced by intuitive controls integrated directly into the steering wheel and central touchscreen.

This model maintains the well-known 272-mile EPA-estimated range on its more aerodynamic wheels, with a slight decrease with the larger wheels. For the long haulers, the Long Range variant pushes boundaries with a maximum of 341 miles on smaller wheels, ensuring that your adventures can go further.

The drive promises to be smoother than ever with added sound insulation to mute road noise, softer springs, new dampers, and forged steel control arms that enhance the suspension setup. Each window now features acoustically insulated glass, ensuring that the cabin remains your tranquil sanctuary, no matter the chaos outside.

Despite these enhancements, the heart of the Highland remains unchanged with the same reliable batteries and motors powering your journey. This continuity means that long-time Tesla drivers will find the same robust performance they've come to love, complemented by fresh innovations.

Orders are already rolling in, with deliveries expected to start swiftly this month. Though we've yet to get our hands on this new model for a comprehensive test drive, anticipation is high. The Tesla Model 3 Highland isn't just a car; it's a statement of style, sustainability, and advanced technology, all wrapped into one thrilling package that promises to turn heads and bend curves with unparalleled grace.

Whether you’re a Tesla aficionado or a newcomer to the electric revolution, the Model 3 Highland offers something exciting. It’s more than just a car; it’s a way to embrace a future where technology and sustainability drive us forward—literally.


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