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Summer Sale 18% Discount | CODE: TES18
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Tesla Fast Expansion Dock

Jun 14, 2024 Tes studio

Brand new, Tesla Intelligent Center console. The Tesla Express Dock, designed for Tesla owners seeking extreme efficiency, simplifies the tedious operation to the extreme. Made of high-quality materials, the appearance is simple and stylish, and the color is the same as the original car.


The original factory opened the mold, tightly stitched

Want easy, fast, one-click to achieve the function? no problem. Our docking dock has plenty of keyboard shortcuts, no need to look for them, smart controls, fast response times, zero latency, you name it. Four quick buttons, combined with 12 functions, one finger can instantly control a variety of motor functions, click/double/long press, each function




Shortcut buttons

Are you constantly struggling to find your charging cable during a busy day at work or on a road trip? The Tesla Express Docking Station is the solution. It comes with Type-C and PD ports, and you don't need to carry multiple data cables. One docking station can meet all your needs. At the same time, the extension line is 80CM long, the storage is neater, and the problem of clutter is avoided, so that your travel is more relaxed and pleasant. Safe and stable charging performance, easy charging speed, high power up to 27w, so that your equipment can be full of electricity in a short time, saving expensive time.



27w power fast charge


The maximum extension of the expansion cable is 80CM

The original factory opening mold, tightly stitched, will not support a large storage box track, to achieve real non-destructive installation and does not affect the original car function. Tesstudio smart button anti-miscontact design, one key for you to solve the problem.


Non-destructive installation does not affect the use of storage box

The Tesla Fast docking station is not only a car accessory to use, but also an attitude to life. It makes your driving experience more convenient and comfortable and also highlights the pursuit of high-quality life for Tesla owners. Come and experience the convenience and efficiency brought by the Tesla Express Dock!

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