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Summer Sale 18% Discount | CODE: TES18
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Electric Roof Sunshades or Classic Roof Sunshades?

Jun 27, 2024 Tes studio

Dear Tesla owners, are you tired of the heat of the sun? Are you longing for a shade that is both environmentally friendly and practical? Our latest electric shade will revolutionize your driving life!


Smart Control for a Convenient Life

Using advanced electric technology, this sunshade can be easily opened and closed with a single tap without manual operation. Made of environmentally friendly materials, it is not only lightweight and portable, but also easy to install. What's more, it can effectively reduce direct sunlight and lower the temperature inside the car, bringing comfort and environmental protection to your driving life.


Excellent Insulation Effect

The sleek, simple design of this electric sunshade matches the Tesla interior perfectly, adding a touch of elegance and texture to your car. At the same time, it is made of high-quality materials and has excellent durability. It goes through strict quality control and testing to ensure that each product can be used for a long time, bringing you more reliable protection.

Shop for a Tesla electric sunshade now! Let green technology add comfort and convenience to your driving life. Let's contribute to environmentally friendly travel and make the world a better place in the future!



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